Fitzroy Island Day Tour (Snorkelling)

On Fitzroy Island, you can enjoy the day swimming and relaxing on the beach. If you like to explore on foot, the island features excellent hiking trails that wind through the rain forest and along the coast. The underwater world offers plenty of wonders as well, with multitudes of colorful fish and coral that can be spotted when snorkeling. Admire the rainbow colors of the parrotfish, watch clown fish darting in and out of anemones and see how many types of other marine critters you can spot in the wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef.
Activity Pass 1 includes snorkel gear, the use of stand-up paddle boards and paddle skis. A delicious picnic lunch is an optional extra and not included. You may be able to check out water floats and other gear for children depending on availability, making this a family-friendly way to enjoy your island experience.

The majority of the Island is National Island Park, which contains mangroves, open woodland, tropical immaculate rainforest, and coral beaches with surrounding coral reefs, all of which may be seen from the island’s walking paths.

Fitzroy Island is a beautiful utopia with enough to see and do for visitors of all kinds. The Island is well worth a visit, whether you’re looking for action and adventure or simply want to relax and soak up the sun on a tropical beach.

You may rest and unwind, go right into adventure, or do some of both on Fitzroy Island. The island’s calm, sheltered waters are here for everybody to discover and enjoy. The beautiful natural surroundings are accessible, affordable, and friendly.

Whether it’s resting by the pool with a chilled tropical beverage or delving into adventure activities like hiking, snorkelling, fishing, sea kayaking, and more, you’ll find everything you need right at your doorstep.

Looking for places to visit on Fitzroy Island? Check out this list of locations and activities.

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