Unique Whistler Bobsleigh Experience


Whistler Sport Legacies’ Public Bobsleigh Program is an activity for your ‘bucket list’ – and now you can do it in the summer!

All it takes is a bobsleigh equipped with wheels, a trained pilot and four enthusiastic passengers. After a safety orientation and a tour of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games venue including an exclusive track walk, your “Rolling Thunder” team will reach speeds of up to 90 km/hr in the final “Thunderbird Corner”. Summer bobsleigh runs seven days a week, rain or shine, so it’s the perfect addition to your time in Whistler.

Whilst riding you will be feeling G forces of several times your body weight pushing down on your body & speeds up to 90 km/h or more.

Please ensure that you have met the safety requirements before booking our summer bobsleigh ride “Rolling Thunder”:

Participants need to be 12 years or older (if you are between 12 and 13 years old you will need to ride and be positioned in front of a parent or guardian in the sled, ratio one adult for every child).

Participants under 19 years old: You will need to have a parent or guardian present to sign your waiver when arriving at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

Government ID is required at check in. Children without ID will not be permitted to ride.

Minimum weight for the ride is 85lbs/39kg, maximum weight is 285lbs/129kg. You will be weighed at check in. If you are outside the weight requirements, you will not be able to ride unfortunately.

Minimum height for the ride is 4’6”/137cm, maximum height is 6’5”/196cm. Your height will be measured at check-in. If you are outside the height requirements, you will not be able to ride unfortunately.

You need to have the physical dexterity to be able to strongly grip the sides of the bobsleigh.

75 years is the recommended maximum age for this activity. If you are over 75 years of age you may participate providing you can meet the physical strength and dexterity guidelines listed in this paragraph.

If you do not meet all of the requirements outlined above, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in our summer bobsleigh program, due to health and safety guidelines.

We do not recommend taking part in our summer bobsleigh program if your answer is ‘yes’ to one of the following questions:

– Do you suffer from any heart conditions or have any previous neck or back injuries?
– Are you or could you be pregnant?
– Are you on any medication(s) that could impair your judgment or physical dexterity?
– We do not recommend taking part in our summer bobsleigh program if you are pregnant, suffer from a heart condition or any chronic, recent or previous severe neck or back injuries or if you are impaired by medication(s). This is due to the pressure (G-Forces) put on the body during the ride. If you have any concerns please consult your doctor.

Please note that the potential risks associated with this activity may include motion sickness, nose bleeds, bumps, bruises, neck and back injuries, sprains, or broken bones.

For your own safety you must also:

– Have a basic understanding of English & the cognitive ability to understand/follow instructions
– Not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
– Not be taking any medication that could impair judgement or physical dexterity

**So you have met the safety requirements and are ready to go, what should you expect?**

You will need to check in for your session at the guest services building 5 minutes prior to session start time. Those who are not checked in at session start time will not be permitted to slide.

**Here is what you can expect from your Summer Bobsleigh Experience ‘Rolling Thunder’:**

**Check In & Orientation (approximately 40 mins):**

– Sign a waiver
– Weight & Height
– Government ID checked for age
– Shuttle to upper portion of the track
– Orientation
– Photo taken for diploma

**Exclusive Track Walk & Ride (approximately 35 mins):**

– Exclusive track walk tour to start point
– Helmet Fitting
– Ride in a Summer Bobsleigh with a trained pilot

Results (approximately 10 mins):

– Find out your top speed
– Return to guest services to receive diploma

**What to wear / bring**

– Comfortable clothing
– Government issued ID for Youth under 18.
– Shoes or runners
– Tie back long hair
– Remove loose jewelry
– Helmet cameras are not permitted
– Own Helmets are not permitted (must use Whistler Sliding Centre helmet)

**Helmet Cameras / Photography**

Unfortunately, as a safety precaution, we do not permit any participants to wear helmet cameras or otherwise mounted cameras whilst riding, in case the camera detaches from a helmet and causes harm to a participant, staff member or spectator.

Participants are permitted to bring their own compact cameras at own risk (will have to be kept in a zippered pocket whilst in the bobsleigh). The Whistler Sliding Centre does not take responsibility for loss, theft or damage of personal belongings. Flash photography is not permitted.


Family and friends are invited to come and watch your summer bobsleigh session. All spectators must check in at guest services and follow track safety procedures. Flash photography is not permitted.

**How do I get to the Whistler Sliding Centre?**


– From Highway 99/Sea-to-Sky Highway in Whistler Village, turn onto Village Gate Blvd.
– Turn right at Blackcomb Way.
– Turn right at Glacier Drive and go up the hill towards Blackcomb Base II (follow directions to Tube Park)
– Turn right at Glacier Lane (under the skier overpass bridge). Follow the signs to parking lots 7 and 8.
– After passing lot 7 (on your left), take a right turn underneath the skier overpass bridge. Drive straight under the bridge and then turn right as the road forks to arrive at the Whistler Sliding Centre’s Guest Services building to check in. FREE Cisitor parking is located below the Guest Services in the Visitor Parking Lot.

**Public Transit:**

– The Whistler Sliding Centre can also be accessed via the BC Transit bus system to Staff Housing – Route 7, followed by a short walk to the venue. For information on timetables and fares please visit the BC Transit website
– To walk from the bus stop: You will exit the bus at the Whistler Blackcomb Staff Housing facility (the last stop). From here head uphill, following the road around. You will pass a large parking lot on your left hand side. Keep walking uphill until you see the Whistler Sliding Centre on your right hand side. Turn into the venue and take the road that forks to the right, down to the guest service building.