Double Island Dive Adventure

Let Aqua 5 take you on a dive adventure around the 74 islands of the Whitsundays there’s something for everyone! Explore beautiful fringing coral reef teeming with marine life and colourful corals right next to he Great Barrier Reef marine park.

The Whitsundays has a large range of colourful tropical reef fish and diver favourites such as Maori wrasse, Queensland groupers ,Batfish, parrotfish and a vast range of angel and butterfly fish. All are good indicators of a healthy coral reef system found here.

Also commonly encountered on our dives are hawksbill turtles, olive sea snakes , featherstars , wobbiegong and reef sharks. And a personal favourite of ours is nudibranchs of the 700 species found in Australia a large range are found in the Whitsundays!

In the winter months Manta rays and humpback whales migrate to the Whitsundays and are not uncommon sights

All photos shown on our page are taken on our dives around the Whitsundays.

Here’s a selection of dive sites we love to dive!

Black Island – Island diving at it’s finest ! One of our favourite dive sites, Black Island offers a gentle drift dive along the reef slope close to the island. A very healthy and diverse range of hard and soft corals. Plenty of shallow caves, gullies and ledges to explore. Subject to some currents providing perfect conditions for lots of marine life.

Diving depth: 2-15 metres

Visibility: 2 – 15 metres

Snorkelling: At low tide